Coding: To Bootcamp or Not to Bootcamp?

Becoming a programmer: Diary entry #4

An image of three soldiers at a training bootcamp, intended to be a play on words with coding bootcamp.
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Assuming you have already decided you want to become a programmer, the next question relates to how/where to learn the required skills.

Let’s begin by assuming you don’t already have a computer or information science degree from a university or three or four years to get one.

A bootcamp is essentially a technical training program, focussed on getting your coding/programming skills job-ready in a short period of time.


If you can’t afford it, then choose a free, online bootcamp. This isn’t a bad thing.


You need to evaluate the rest of your life that you have to fit around the bootcamp. How much space do you have?

If you need to keep working, then choose a part time bootcamp. This will anyway give you more time to absorb the concepts.


If there is nothing available locally and you can’t afford to go somewhere else, decision taken. Easy: do it online.

Are you very social? Are you very anti-social?

What is your learning style? Are you a good self learner?


Each bootcamp (paid and free) offers a different curricula with a different focus.

And you can of course supplement any program you do choose with other resources…

Start Point


If you want to be full stack, this will of course take longer than focussing on the front end alone.

Other things to consider

To conclude

In short, whether or not you should pay to go to a bootcamp depends on your situation.

In a chart

A chart illustrating the factors when deciding what type of coding bootcamp to select.
Photo by me.

Choose well!

Overcoming a fear of public displays of writing (PDW) while teaching myself coding and hoping to make a career transition.

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