Approach your career like a sushi train

Seven reasons why approaching your career like a sushi train will make you more productive and more successful.

1. Build your career on the basics

What even is sushi? Do you even know? I’d guess that you don’t. You probably think it is raw fish, right? False. That’s sashimi.

2. Add some flair on top and throw a bit of spice on the side

Sushi would be pretty dull with just the rice. That’s why it has a something plopped on top or rolled inside.

3. Keep it fresh

You don’t want yesterday’s fish. You don’t want last week’s rice. Your boss or the job market don’t want last month’s skills.

4. Use the right tools for the job

Would you eat sushi in public with a knife and fork? Hopefully not.

5. Cleanse that palette between plates

Do you want your next piece of sushi to taste like your last? No. That would be pointless. Should a sizzling sales pitch have the same tone as that very sombre financial report you just finished? No.

6. Know the train just keeps flying by

This one is not even about not having too much on your plate; it’s about not having too many plates on your desk.

7. Choose the right plates

Imagine you’ve just arrived at the restaurant. Do you just grab the first plate that comes along? No. You sit down. You assess the scene. You get a feel for the different plates on offer and how often they come around.

Overcoming a fear of public displays of writing (PDW) while teaching myself coding and hoping to make a career transition.

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