A Checklist for Crowdfunding Success

What I learned working with crowdfunding for over two years.

A crowd of happy people.
Photo by Nicholas Green, available on Unsplash.

The Checklist

1. Define your idea/ product/ service/ brand/ story/ event/ film/ book/ whatever it might be that you want to crowdfund:

2. Set a launch date and plan to meet it:

3. Study (similar campaigns):

4. Choose a crowdfunding platform:

5. Establish any necessary financial accounts:

6. Choose a realistic minimum funding target (and then consider stretch goals, depending if they are an option on the platform you chose):

7. Outline your rewards and price tiers:

8. Elaborate your rewards:

9. Craft your story:

10. Create a visual identity (logo, font, colours) and portfolio of visual materials:

11. Create social media accounts

12. Plan and write your social media posts:

13. Draft email templates:

14. Pre-launch crowd step 1: build your family and friend’s awareness of and commitment to your campaign.

15. Pre-launch crowd step 2: expand beyond your personal network.

16. Don’t launch until you have enough people waiting to back you.

17. Prepare a press kit and share it with relevant journalists and bloggers.

18. Make your video.

19. Build your campaign page (this will vary in the detail depending on which platform you selected).

20. Launch!

21. After launch

Overcoming a fear of public displays of writing (PDW) while teaching myself coding and hoping to make a career transition.

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