A short play about a dark world where unionised pigeons help flockfund the fall of a promising politician.

What I learned working with crowdfunding for over two years.

A crowd of happy people.
Photo by Nicholas Green, available on Unsplash.

Becoming a programmer: Diary entry #4

An image of three soldiers at a training bootcamp, intended to be a play on words with coding bootcamp.
Image by Carl Nenzen Loven, available on unsplash.com

Assuming you have already decided you want to become a programmer, the next question relates to how/where to learn the required skills.

  • university;
  • a (paid) bootcamp (online or onsite);

Becoming a programmer: Diary entry #2

Image by Emily Morter, available on unsplash.com

The decision to become a coder (at the age of 32) is just the first in a forest of infinitely branching decision trees.

A short, abstract story about mental health, confinement, and facades.

Greggor Metoande

Overcoming a fear of public displays of writing (PDW) while teaching myself coding and hoping to make a career transition.

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